Using the converter

Download the executable file according to your OS or download the source code files:

For Windows
call the executable usr4conv_module.exe from the cmd prompt

For MacOS
call the executable usr4conv_module from the terminal prompt

or when using the source code call
(Please note that Python 2.7 is the minimum requirement)

The converter has a couple of switches to steer the execution.

The switch -h prints the help for the converter and exits.

The following default values are used
  • Default input file name is WaypointsRoutesTrails.usr
  • Default output file name is output.gpx
  • Default logfile filename is logfile.txt
With the following switches you can override the default values
  • -i [input file name]: specify a different input file name
  • -o [output file name]: specify a different output file name
  • -l [logfile name]: specify a different logfile name

Further implementations

GPSbabel has a very nice feature to show the results of a conversion directly in a google map widget. Thus you directly can check where your trails, waypoints and routes are located on the map.
The same feature I would like to see in this converter but this requires some more programming.


  1. The only problem I have, the output file is 0 kb.
    CMD says
    UnicodeDecodeError ´utf8´ codec can´t decode byte 0xb0 in position 0: invalid start byte

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Rename the usr file to WaypointsRoutesTrails.usr

    1. start cmd as admin
    2. type in to the folder where python is unpacked
    3. write the command usr4conv_module.exe

    I get an output that says 0 kb

    the WaypointsRoutesTrails.usr is 1352 kb